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For over 40 years, the Rowland/Ballard Dance Studio has been training children of all ages in Houston in a variety of dance disciplines. Weekly classes teach new skills and build self-confidence, grace, focus, creativity, and a knowledge of the art of dance in Houston. A highly trained staff, many with professional performance experience teach the students classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical/contemporary as well as creative dance for the very young (ages 3-5). 



CREATIVE DANCE (Ages 3, 4, & 5)                      BALLET (Starting age 6)                       HIP HOP (Starting age 8)

JAZZ (Starting age 5)                                            MODERN (Starting age 8)                    TAP (Starting age 5)


CREATIVE DANCE (AGES 3-5): Young students explore the art of dance and the joy of movement to music. Each class is exciting and basic dance motor skills are developed with the use of fun props. Children love dancing while developing the foundation for future dance study.


BALLET (AGES 6-COLLEGE): Ballet class teaches students the fundamental basics of classical ballet through the most advanced ballet dance instruction. Students will learn correct body placement, proper dance alignment, and terminology. Ballet is the “dance foundation” for all styles of dance. Our professional teachers are experienced dancers with years of performance and instructional experience. Dancers will advance as the curriculum and syllabus of each level is mastered.


JAZZ (AGES 5+): This exciting form of dance introduces dancers to basic stretches, isolations, floor work, and traveling dance combinations. A strong foundation for future jazz progressions is needed as dancers advance through the challenging curriculum and syllabus.


BROADWAY JAZZ (AGES 9+): A stylized jazz class for those interested in theatrical dance. Students will develop “performance” presence and self-confidence while learning combinations to Broadway music.


MODERN DANCE: Explores a whole realm of dance movement outside the vocabulary of classical ballet.  It originally was developed by non-classical dancers and often incorporates rhythms and movements of native, primitive, and ethnic dance.


CONTEMPORARY DANCE/LYRICAL: 2 years of ballet and/or jazz is required for this intermediate class that is geared for dancers who want to move and express themselves deeper through their dance performance. A strong technical foundation is important in learning to connect dance, movement, and music in a contemporary format.


HIP HOP DANCE (AGES 8+): This is a jazz-based dance class that is high energy. Hip Hop teaches unique dance combinations from the current movements in pop culture.


TAP (AGES 5+): Students will be introduced to basic tap skills, rhythms, and dance movement combinations through the most advanced elements of tap. Students will advance through the curriculum and syllabus as each level is mastered.


DANCE CONDITIONING:  Intermediate and advanced level dance students focus on stretching and strengthening the core dance muscles with Pilates and Yoga based exercises.  Offered during Summer session in Kingwood.


CHARACTER CLASS: Intermediate/Advanced class offered during Summer session in Kingwood only.


CHOREOGRAPHY PROJECT: Intermediated to advanced dancers.  Helps to develop awareness and skills necessary towards dance choreography.  A performance of choreographed projects is presented in late May.


CLASS LEVEL: Students will be placed in a class level as determined by the Rowland/Ballard School staff. New students may take an audition class to determine appropriate level.


VISITORS: Parents and the public may observe classes from the observation windows for all studios at any time.


SCHOOL YEAR RECITAL: A recital is held every year at the completion of the school year session. The purpose of recital is to give our students an important stage experience and an opportunity to demonstrate their achievements.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Students should wear street clothes and shoes when arriving and departing. Please instruct your child to remain in the reception - lobby area until picked up.


BALLET AND JAZZ STUDENTS: Teaches dance movements of Middle European and Spanish Folk dance.  This type of dance is in the choreography of many classical story ballets like "Sleeping Beauty", "Giselle", "Swan Lake", etc...


CLASS ATTIRE: (No heavy jewelry, shirts, leg warmers, plastic pants, etc. should be worn during class.)

BALLET: Pink ballet shoes with elastic over instep, pink tights or bare legs w/ thin white socks. Hair pinned securely.

CREATIVE DANCE: Pink short-sleeve scoop neck leotard, pink chiffon skirt.

BALLET LEVELS 1y, 2A, 2B: Light blue (short sleeve) leotard with light blue chiffon skirt (fingertip length).

BALLET LEVELS 1o, 2C thru 4C: Black leotard with black chiffon skirt (length above knees).

BALLET 5, 6, 7, KYB & KDT: Black leotard in style of choice, black skirt is optional but not required.

JAZZ, TAP, & HIP HOP: Appropriate style unitard or leotard with tights and appropriate shoes. No baggy shirts/shorts.

MODERN: Tan, black, or pink tights with bare feet or lyrical sandals. Leotard of choice with optional skirt

BOYS: Black tights or shorts with white socks, white knit shirt, dance belt, white or black ballet shoes.

ADULTS: Leotard and tights (unitard) of choice, skirts if desired, appropriate dance shoes.

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