The proper foundation for great fun and awesome gymnastics begins at Rowland/Ballard. We provide gymnastics instruction in all Olympic events for boys and girls. Our gymnastics program is based on a proven progressive training system with set skills designed for each level. Our state of the art facility is loaded with great equipment and a professionally trained staff. Our coaches strive to maximize the benefits for each child by balancing all the elements of enjoyment, discipline, and increased self-esteem right along with skill development. We have been teaching children gymnastics for over 40 years!



The Rowland/Ballard gymnastics program introduces children to the fundamental concepts, skills, movement, and body shapes. We do this by carefully designing our training curriculum and by using innovative teaching methods. Each level is designed to help our students learn and improve new gymnastics skills. As students move into more advanced skills; coaches will emphasize strength, flexibility, continued balance development, and new skill introduction. Our primary goal is to use gymnastics instruction and advancement as a way to help develop healthy, happy, and confident children.


G1 / B1 – This entry level of gymnastics introduces new students to fundamental gymnastics skills, concepts, and gymnastics body shapes. This level allows our students to enjoy the sport of gymnastics in an amazing environment. Our awesome coaches make each class exciting and fun.

G2 / B2 / G3 - This intermediate/advance level is a continuation of Level 1 elements into more advanced gymnastics skills. At this level our coaches will emphasize strength, flexibility, continued balance development, and new skill introduction. The purpose for each class is to help our athletes learn new things and improve their technique on the skills they already can perform.



TUMBLE CUBS 5-7 / TUMBLE TIGERS 8-11: This class has been specifically designed for our younger tumblers.

ELITE TUMBLE TIGERS: The young tumblers in this group must be able to perform a flip-flop with NO spot.

BEGINNER TUMBLING: New to floor tumbling. This class will train cartwheels, round-offs, flip-flops, and round-off flip-flops.

INTERMEDIATE TUMBLING: Must be able to perform round-off, cartwheel, and may need lite spot with flip-flop

ADVANCED TUMBLING: Athletes in this group must be able to perform (2) flip-flop with NO spot.

SUPER CHEER TUMBLING: Our Super Cheer Tumbling class offers an intensified training opportunity for serious cheerleaders. These students will be challenged in tumbling, cheer elements, and conditioning. The perfect combination of these unique disciplines make our Super Cheer Tumbling class the perfect training for current cheerleaders and future cheerleaders!



Each Kindergym class consist of a weekly unique learning theme, a fun and challenging lesson structure with developmentally appropriate gymnastics skills and movements, while utilizing all of our gymnastics equipment. We have a proven history that proudly shows our Kindergym program is the perfect place to learn, develop confidence, try new things, and meet new friends. Our Kindergym directors and staff make each class fun!


PARENT – CHILD CLASS (walking - 2): Continued exposure to the gymnastics equipment with an introduction of the basic body positions and gymnastics skill terminology. An adult must attend class with the child.

KINDERGYM AGE 3: Designed transition class for the young child to attend class without a parent. The focus of this class is on beginning gymnastics skills, body positions, and terminology. Children in the 3 year old class MUST BE POTTY TRAINED.

KINDERGYM AGE 4 - 5: Focus on specific skill development thru developmentally appropriate progressions for all gymnastics events.

KINDERSTARS: Advanced and Intermediate Kindergym class used to teach USAG (United States Gymnastics) skills and routines. These programs are by invitation and tryout only.



USA Gymnastics Levels 1 – 10 are offered by personal invitation and tryout only. Our competitive program athletes and coaches work hard to develop new skills and to reach their competitive goals.


FRIDAY FUN GYM 7:00 - 9:30: All Rowland/Ballard students (ages 5 and up) are invited to attend Friday Fun Gym. This supervised event is loaded with gymnastics, games, and special contests. Cost: $15.00 (registered students), $25 (guest)


FRIDAY K-GYM OPEN GYM 10-11:30: All Rowland/Ballard students (ages 3 - 5) are invited to attend our Friday Kindergym Open Gym. This supervised event is loaded with gymnastics, games, and special contests. Cost: $10.00 (registered students), $20 (guest)


BONUS TUMBLING HOUR: Our tumbling coaches love to teach tumbling. We added this bonus tumbling class for all of our registered tumbling students. Only registered tumbling students may attend this special class!

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